your family happiness

Family Packages in Lombok is perfect for you and your family who want to spend time with your family. This package also spoils your son, such as a visit to the exciting place or game game that your child really likes.

— Barbeque : Feel the tasty food with beef and mozarella cheese
— Family Diving : Gili Air is renowned to be one of places to go to scuba dive
— Family Snorkeling : The Best place to snorkel is along the east side
— Family Cycling : Cycle through all the small hidden roads in Gili Air and you will discover that it is still easy to get lost in such a small island

  • IDR -
  • 3 Days 2 Night
    Rp 4.500.000
    Price excluding tax
    Rp 100.000
    Taxes and other fees (includes sales tax, service fee and other taxes)
    Rp 400.000
    Admin Fee